What & How about ESUN Crack Sealing Machines?

Aug. 10,2018

1. Q: How many linear meters of crack an ESUN crack sealing machine can seal per day? A: 8 working hours per day, approximate 500-3000 linear meters, depending on the pavement crack intensity, operation proficiency and road closure situation. 

2. Q: Is crack sealing machine applicable to concrete pavement? How to deal with the fine crack? A: Yes, it is. As to the fine crack, we suggest using special sealant or asphalt materials, and scraping the materials into the crack with special sealing tip. 

3. Q: How long it takes to melt the sealant with ESUN crack sealing machine? A: It’s about 30-45 minutes from the machine start to proper functioning. 

4. Q: which components of 350, 500 liters crack sealing machine are imported? A: 500 liters: Engine, temperature controller, material pump, hydraulic motor, burner, and electric heated hose; 350 liters: temperature controller, burner, and generator. 

5. Q: The difference between CLYG-ZS350 and CLYG-TSS500? A: ①power source of agitator and material pump: S500: Hydraulic drive, S350: Electric drive; ②S500 using 12v voltage, S350 using 220v voltage; ③S500: material pump has dual circulatory system, S350: material pump is made in china without dual circulatory system; ④S500: using engine, S350: using generator⑤ZS500: self-propelled, TS500: can’t self-propelled.

6. Q: What’s the advantage of the external pump in crack sealing machine? A: Easy cleaning, facilitate maintenance, not occupying the hot box, fast discharging (76L/min). 

7. Q: What’s the feature of the heating hose of 500 crack sealing machine? A: 75v voltage for safe, 270°rotation for great work area, great Resistance to bending, long service life, 6 meters heat insulation. 

8. Q: What’s the loading height of crack sealing machine? A: 125cm for Asians’ using, convenient charging and low labor intensity. 

9. Q: What’s the working principle of crack sealing machine? A: Generator and hydraulic system driven by the engine , burners and heating hose controlled by thermostat, stirrer and material pump driven by hydraulic motor, material pump pours the sealant into crack for sealing through the circulation pipe, heating hose, handlebar by turning. 

10. Q: Can the material for crack sealing machine be ordinary asphalt? A: Yes, but must ensure that’s no impurities in case of pipe blockage and pump damage. 

11. Q: With respect to trailer crack sealing machine, what’s the advantage and disadvantage of self-propelled one? A: self-propelled crack sealing machine is improved on the basis of trailer crack sealing machine, confined to movement during the construction, not recommended for long-distance transition; it can improve efficiency with the flexibility in the construction. 

12. Q: What are the principles and advantages of recirculation piping system? A: It can accelerate the speed of sealant melting, reduce energy consumption (diesel), and also keep the temperature of sealant uniform to improve the effect of crack sealing. 

13. Q: Why is the price of our crack sealing machine is higher than other manufacturers? A: ①Superior performance, the core components are imported; ②After-sale service network and team effectively guarantee high quality of visits, maintenance, repair; ③12 years of industry experience, strong brand culture; ④Full range of equipment, high selectivity for customer, rich product chain, once in place. 


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