Questions about ESUN Asphalt Distributor/Asphalt Sprayer

Tháng 8 10,2018

1. Q: What’s the model of asphalt distributor? A: Standard: 4 cubic meters &5 cubic meters; Intelligent: 6 cubic meters &8 cubic meters &10 cubic meters .  

2. Q: What’s the universal chassis for asphalt distributor? A: 4-8 cubic meters of asphalt distributor is equipped with Dongfeng Duolika chassis, 10 cubic meters of asphalt distributor is equipped with Dongfeng Tianjing chassis.  

3. Q: What’s the power source of asphalt distributor? A: The chassis transmits parts of power to the hydraulic motor , which will drive asphalt bitumen pumped oil and the other parts to the air compressor , which will transfer the asphalt oil to asphalt pipe to spray, by PTO.  

4. Q: What’s the number of the rear pipe nozzle and the width? A: 4 tons of asphalt distributor: 24 nozzles, 6 on the left and right, 12 in the middle; 4 meters wide, third foldable, 1 meter on the left and right, 2 meters in the middle. over 5 tons of asphalt distributor: 42 nozzles, 14 on each side (left, middle & right) , third foldable, 2 meters on each side (left, middle & right).  

5. Q: What’s the spraying rate of the asphalt distributor? How to control? A: Standard: 0. 3-3L/m2, by controlling the valve; Intelligent: 0. 3-3L/m2, by the system settings.  

6. Q: What are the factors affecting the rate of spraying? A: Speed of chassis driving, speed of asphalt pump, the height of rear tube.  

7. Q: What material can the asphalt distributor spray? A: Standard: only can distribute emulsified asphalt and ordinary hot asphalt; Intelligent: emulsified asphalt and different models of hot asphalt (attention: If the spraying material is rubber asphalt, it has to be equipped with agitator).  

8. Q: What’s the temperature of spraying material? A: Hot asphalt: 160-190℃, rubber asphalt: 170-200℃, emulsified asphalt: 50-60℃ (without heating).  

9. Q: What’s the difference between the heating modes of standard and intelligent asphalt distributor? A: Standard: air heating in the burner, without the spraying exhaust pipe heating; Intelligent: transfer oil heating in the burner, with transfer oil heating in spraying exhaust pipe.  

10. Q: Does the asphalt distributor need cleaning? How to clean it? A: Yes; using air pressure to clean first and then clean by diesel.  

11. Q: What’s the difference between the control platforms of standard and intelligent asphalt distributor? A: Standard: without control platforms, only equipped with operating floor; Intelligent: with cab control screen and rear control platform.  

12. Q: What’s the feature of the design concept of asphalt tank? A: Asphalt tank has good insulation properties with aluminum silicate insulation materials around, also equipped with burner, in case that the low temperature will affect construction quality during the construction.  

13. Q: What’s the feature of asphalt pump? A: Standard: standard asphalt pump; Intelligent: thermal asphalt pump.  

14. Q: What’s the function of rear control platform of intelligent asphalt distributor? A: Mainly spare, in case of malfunction of cab caused by pollution or for the control of individual nozzle.  

15. Q: What’s the brand of hydraulic pump of standard and intelligent asphalt distributor? For which parts to provide power? A: Standard: domestic /Saiyuan, optional: imported from Italy/RONZIO; Mainly for asphalt pump.  

16. Q: What’s the brand of the burner of the standard and intelligent asphalt distributor? What’s the combustion value? A: Italy Riello; one hundred thousand calories for 4 m3 asphalt distributor, two hundred thousand calories for over 5 m3 asphalt distributor.  

17. Q: Is there external power supply for the asphalt distributor for night operation? A: No, but chassis power supply is equipped with night lights.  

18. Q: What’s the main difference between the standard and intelligent asphalt spraying? A: Standard: controlling spray volume and spray width manually and artificially; Intelligent: controlling spray volume and spray width by Electronically controlled automatic control system settings.  

19. Q: What’s the main application of the asphalt distributor? A: ①Intermediate layer bonded oil spraying during construction or maintenance period; ②New highway “prime coat”, “waterproof layer”, “under seal layer”, “sticky floor” requires high-quality asphalt spraying; ③ Low-grade roads and lots of township roads’ “layup” Construction needs high quality asphalt spraying; ④A large number of pavement maintenance operations adopts “single sealcoating” and “double sealcoating”, which needs high quality asphalt spraying.  

20. Q: What’s the competitive advantage of Hangzhou asphalt distributor? A: Long professional brand; high cost-effective; stable quality; applicable type of design; timely after-sales service.  

21. Q: What’s the cost of spraying per square meter? A: According to the requirement of customer and depending on the material and spraying rate.

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