CLYQ-12000 Vacuum Road Sweeper

CLYQ-12000 Vacuum Road Sweeper

CLYQ-12000 Vacuum Road Sweeper, developed by Guangdong ESUN Heavy Industry Co., Ltd on the philosophy of vacuum, is formed by dust collection system, primary dust collection container, secondary dust collection container, dust recovery system, hydraulic system and electric control system and chassis truck, with features of high dust collection range, high absorption rate, no dust suction outlet, no dust emissions and high working efficiency, is the best choice for the sanitation clean and material recycling. It’s suitable for applying to remove the concentration of harmful particles in cities and industries.


▷ 1. Dust free operation. 

Vacuum working mode, air flowing in one direction, the dust been drafted in will never been blown out. Equipped unique multistep filter separation, keep the airflow through the container/filter at maximum capacity during the entire operation, Clean the outgoing air down to PM 2.5.

▷ 2. Economic application. 

No sweeper brush, water free cleaning, lower use and maintenance cost, save you ¥60000 compared with the traditional road sweeper truck or ¥570000 compared with the manual cleaning.

▷ 3. Completely clean and dust-free. 

The dust air been drafted in is been separated several times after collecting dust multistep.

▷ 4. Strong adaptability to temperature. 

With the method of vacuum clean, it can work at minus 40℃.

▷ 5. Convenient maintenance.

With dry air counter blowing the filter and recycling material, the maintenance is simple, easy and quick.

▷ 6. Easy operation. 

Humanized design of centralized control panel, programmed sequences for easy use, make the operator be clear at a glance.

▷ 7. Long life fan.

The fan is mounted at the end of the air channel, only clean air get through, no extra corrosion, wear and tear, relatively longer service life.

▷ 8. Wide application.

Strong vacuum pressure, good cleaning effect. It’s suitable for cleaning work and material recycling at the city streets, elevated road, tunnel and bridge, highway, port, terminal, warehouse, airport runway and cement, coalmine, metal smelting cooperation.

▷ 9. Multifunction.

Optional guardrail cleane, hydraulic sweeper, external portable tube, snow plow.

▷ 10.Protection measures. 

To protect the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical components and the operator our design fully consider the protection measures, even unintentional operation won't cause harm to the equipment.


Overall dimensions (length * width * height) (mm)7100×2390×3100
Working methodVacuum
Maximum sweeping width (m)3.65
Dust collection container effective volum (m³)≥6
Maximum speed (km/h)85
Recommended operating speed (km/h)5~20
Maximum absorption diameter (mm)≤120
Discharging Angle (°)50
OptionalGuardrail cleane, hydraulic sweeper, external portable tube, snow plow
Chassis EngineISD180-50
Emission standardsEUⅣ
Rated power/speed (kw/RPM)132/2500
Maximum torque/speed (N.m)700/1400
Displacement (L)4.5
Fuel tank capacity (L)160
Wheelbase (mm)3800
Total mass (kg)12495