truck mounted asphalt mixer

truck mounted asphalt mixer

The control is convenientThecontrol system is simple and clear, and easy to operate.

 The heating efficiency ofthe mixture is highDrumtype 360-degree rotating uniform heating kettle, high thermal efficiency, withdouble layer insulation system, the first kettle material heating time is only10-20 minutes, the second kettle material heating time is X 15 minutes, highefficiency, low cost.Oldmaterial regenerationWiththe function of regenerating and heating old materials, the waste and oldmaterials can be immediately recycled to the kettle for heating when repairingthe road surface diseases, and basically all of them can be recycled, thussaving the raw materials and costs to the greatest extent and effectivelyprotecting the environment.

Independent gasolinegenerator setIndependentgasoline generator set, efficient, stable, field tool application, lighting isvery convenient.Enhance the repair effectof recycled materialsEquippedwith 100L hot asphalt box with effective volume, heat conduction oil is adoptedfor heating and insulation, and automatic thermostatic control system isadopted to add new hot asphalt oil to waste asphalt in time.

The waterproof effectOptionalemulsified 15L emulsified asphalt spraying system is installed, which isconvenient for groove priming oil and repairing after fog sealing face, andplays a waterproof effect on repairing face and new and old joints.Imported Brand BurnerImportedbrand burner, stable and reliable quality, high efficiency, low energyconsumption.

CLYB-ZS600 Towed Asphalt Mixer
Basic parametersModelCLYB-ZS600
Dimension : (length x width x height)mm4000 x 1900 x 2000
Machine weight (KG)1300
Generator sectionGeneratorThree-phase gasoline generator (380V)
Start the wayElectric start
Rated power (KW)8
Rated voltage (V)380
Fuel92 # Gasoline
Hotboxhotbox volume (L)600
Temperature detectionYu electrical
ThermocoupleTaiwan valin thermocouple
Burner heatingItalian AC220V 100KW
Diesel tank capacity (L)60
Heating fuel0 # diesel oil
Heating modeRotate 360 degrees for uniform heating
The transmission wayWorm gear reducer
Discharging wayReverse spiral discharge
Unloading speed (min)<1
Thermal insulation layerHigh temperature cotton insulation
Hot asphalt systemHeating modeHeat conduction oil
Asphalt gear pump 750W/1L/min
Delivery lineThermal insulation pipe
Emulsified asphalt spraying systemTube coil (m)Length: 10
Volume of emulsified asphalt tank ()10
Compression power (V/W)220/550
Compression capacity (Mpa/L)0.6/8
OthersTwo-way arrow guiding lightHighlighting the LED
Walk wayTowing hook (adjustable height)
Rear axle characteristicsSpecial curved arm rear suspension bridge (lower chassis height, reduce labor intensity)
Trailer chassisTorsion spring damping chassis (special for mobile chassis)
TireTires for heavy-duty special purpose vehicles
Towing speed (Km/h)≤60