ESNJ-ZD2000 Trailer Asphalt Heaters

ESNJ-ZD2000 Trailer Asphalt Heaters

Asphalt heater can be applied to a wide range of road damages from potholes, ruts, cracks, uneven surfaces and pre-laid plate seams etc. In terms of driving force, our asphalt heaters can be divided into hand-push and trailer type.


▷  1. Rejuvenating asphalt in the damaged area with better water-proof effects. 

▷  2. Digital heating timer. 

▷  3. Safety designs

Continuous ignition ensures sufficient burning of propane and eliminates propane explosion. 

▷  4. Heat-resistance aluminum silicate wool keeps the heating panel’s outer cover at ambient temperature. 

▷  5. Asphalt heated to 170 ℃ within 15 minute and repair done in 25 minutes. 

▷  6. Cost-efficient operation due to asphalt rejuvenation. 

▷  7. Self-propelling system available. 

▷  8. Integrated emulsified asphalt sprayer. 

▷  9. Gasifying device for better performance in cold weathers.


Dimensions3200×2000×2000 mm
Weight375 kg
Heating area2㎡
Heating time8-10 min
Operating temperature140-170℃