Tailer type Asphalt Mixer for hot repair the pavement pothole

Tailer type Asphalt Mixer for hot repair the pavement pothole

The CLYB-ZS600 towing type asphalt mixer is suitable for highway, highway and municipal road system.

 It is specially designed for the quick repair of all kinds of diseases caused by the asphalt pavement.

 It can provide hot asphalt mixture in time and meet the need of quick repair and quick opening of the road.

The control is convenientThe control system is simple and clear, and easy to operate. 

The heating efficiency of the mixture is highDrum type 360-degree rotating uniform heating kettle, high thermal efficiency, with double layer insulation system, the first kettle material heating time is only 10-20 minutes, the second kettle material heating time is X 15 minutes, high efficiency, low cost.

The old material regenerationWith the function of regenerating and heating old materials, the waste and old materials can be immediately recycled to the kettle for heating when repairing the road surface diseases, and basically all of them can be recycled, thus saving the raw materials and costs to the greatest extent and effectively protecting the environment. 

Independent gasoline generator setIndependent gasoline generator set, efficient, stable, field tool application, lighting is very convenient.

Enhance the repair effect of recycled materialsEquipped with 100L hot asphalt box with effective volume, heat conduction oil is adopted for heating and insulation.