CPB-4000 Spray Injection Pothole Patcher

CPB-4000 Spray Injection Pothole Patcher

All In One Pothole Patcher Spewing Truck CPB-4000

Special design control handle, with suspension arm for easy operation and reducing operator’s load;

Use air flow and gravity to delivery the aggregate; maximum 70KG aggregates per minute;

low wearing in delivery system; 

affixed with air pressure feed back system, prevent aggregates to jam the pipe; 

The delivery and mixing system is durable and stable. More than 20 years working experience witness this reliable. Aggregate is not splashed outside to hurt people. 

The operators are free of splashing asphalt. It can work on traffic condition or small space;After years investigating, the National Road Association of American approved, after this jet patching procedure, 97% of the pothole can work more than 5 years. 

Jet patching is approved to be most fast and economic patching solution.

 How does CPB-4000 Pothole Patcher work?

 CPB-4000 Pothole Patcher use high velocity air to prepare the area of the defect and to deliver emulsion and aggregate to seal, fill and compact the repair. This results in a quality repair that takes very little time, avoids further damage to the road base and at a more economical cost than conventional repairs. 

CPB-4000 Pothole Patcher is the only machinery that utilizes a specialized distributor system which allows CPB-4000 Pothole Patcher to provide high production rates with little wear as there are no moving parts. This eliminates costly time and maintenance costs for the operators.

ItemCPB-4000 Pothole patcher
ChassisDongfeng DFL1160BX18, 118KW
Overall sizesLXWXH: 8430x2450x2950mm
Kerb weight9260kg
Aggregate hopper4m³
Emulsion asphalt tank800L
BlowerPEDRO GIL 7.80~40.29m³/min,300~1000mbar
Air compressorCommins0.183m³/min,0.8MPa,15L
Flushing tank35L,0.5-0.7MPa
Aggregate pipeΦ89mm
NozzleΦ89m, outlet size 16x2mm
Emulsion asphalt pipe1/2inch
Flushing pipe3/8inch
Fuel pipe3/8inch
Heat transfer oil pipe3/8inch
Heat transfer oil pump24VDC,keep emulsion asphalt at 60±5°C
Suspension armOperate diameter 5m,3 sections, easy move.
Control handleControl emulsion asphalt switch, aggregate delivery switch, engine RPM, vibrator switch, horn switch