fully Enclosed Self-Discharging Electric Road Sweeper

fully Enclosed Self-Discharging Electric Road Sweeper

Range Of Application

"ESN E800LD fully enclosed self-discharging sweeper" is a brand new zero emission pure electric sweeper made with special chassis. The car adopts the principle of water spraying and dust removal combined with sweeping and suction to clean road garbage, leading the performance of domestic similar products, the appearance of the car is fashionable and simple, simple operation, flexible operation, low noise, can easily clean dust, gravel, peel paper scraps, fallen leaves and other garbage.

"ESN E800LD fully enclosed self-discharging sweeper" is a professional new energy equipment specially designed for urban environmental sanitation. It is widely used in high-grade residential areas, cleaning properties, resorts, factories, industrial parks, campuses, scenic spots and other public places, providing them with an efficient, low noise, green and environmental protection cleaning method.

Performance Advantage

1. Convenient To Unloading

Esun-e800LD adopts closed cab and dustbinself-discharging function, which can directly connect with 240L standarddustbin or three-wheel quick cleaning vehicle.

2. Powerful

The vehicle adopts lightweight design and USES 48-v lithium battery for power, energy saving and environmental protection, and the continuous use time is longer.

3.Good Cleaning Effect

Front adjustable disc brush, middle two discbrush and roller brush, good cleaning effect.

4.Real-Time Operational Monitoring

Panoramic glass window design, cab can touch large size color LCD display, side brush, main brush, fan can be controlled independently, man-machine interface friendly bus anti-interference ability is strong.

5.Low Second Dust

Advanced filtration system is adopted, larger filtration area, stronger dust absorption ability, convenient replacement of filter element, equipped with water tank, high-pressure atomization dust removal system, to avoid secondary dust. 

6.Safe And Reliable

The automatic garbage dump system is equipped with three-position four-way hydraulic valve, hydraulic workstation, hydraulic cylinder and so on. Hydraulic dump system to improve work efficiency, automatic operation, safe and reliable

7.Convenient To Maintenance

The vehicle layout is reasonable, the box can be lifted, the two sides of the decorative plate is set up access doors, motors, controllers, transmission, fans and other daily maintenance points have enough maintenance space, so that the customer's daily maintenance is very convenient .

8.Wide Range Of Adaptation

Strong suction, good cleaning effect. Shortwheelbase, small turning radius, widely used in municipal sanitation, cleaningproperty, industrial parks, campus cleaning operations.

9. Full Protection

In order to protect the safety of human body, key machinery and electrical parts, protection measures are fully considered in the design. Even if the operation is not intentional, there will be no harm to the equipment. Relevant warning and warning signs are posted on obvious parts of the vehicle, and the reversing image is set on the main control platform of the cab to ensure the safety of operation and operation.


1Cleaning Widthmm>1900
2Work Efficiencym2/h>12000
3Climbing Ability%25
4Length Of The Brushmm800
5Side Brush Diametermm500
6Power Supplyv48
7Working Timeh6-8
8Water Tank CapacityL50
9Bin CapacityL170
10Driving Powerw2000/2500
11Bin Upside Down Lift Heightmm>900
12Working Speedkm/h7
14Filter Aream25
15Turning Radiusmm1200
17Net Weightkg1080