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Sealcoating material is a liquid suspension mixer of emulsified asphalt, SBS, SBR, rubber powder and tiny aggregate. Sealcoating is a ultra-thin seal which has functions of waterproof, noise reduction, better appearance and prolonged service life.

 Superway is a special suspension liquid designed base on a kind of ion suspension system which make repulsive force between asphalt particle and aggregate. Meanwhile Superway modified the molecular organization of emulsified asphalt, highly improved asphalt ductility, increased softening point and adhesion on aggregate. During curing, after water disappear from the mixture, the material cross bonding, formed a firm protective cover. Superway material includes Superway(Standard), Superway(Lower temperature), Superway(Airport).

The necessity of pavement maintenance:

The rate of deterioration of pavement condition depends on a lot of factors, one main factor is oxidation or hardening caused by oxidation. The asphalt pavement exposed under air, sunshine or various climatic conditions, gradually loses its elasticity and bonding capacity after being oxidized. Pavement built a few years later will reveal devastating distresses, but facts and researches showed: The earlier take effective maintenance, the better effect achieved. In the long run it’s the most economical and cost-effective solution. 

Superway Liquid Mixture                  Latex (Shorten dry time)                   Aggregate (Increase friction) 

              Before                                                       After


Suitable for early maintenance on asphalt road and chip seal pavement. Sealcoating can solve the problem such as pavement raveling, surface smoothing, oxidation and pitted surface. Sealcoating has functions of waterproof, skid resistance, anti-aging, anti-raveling, noise reduction, heat resistance and better appearance.

    Airport runway                             Residential roadway                              Parking lot

  Municipal road                                  Bridge                                                    Highway

Material Features

▷ 1. No harmful chemicals. 

▷ 2. Strong adhesion and durability. 

▷ 3. Available in bulk storage and delivery. 

▷ 4. Activated curing, shorter time for opening to the traffic.

Technology Features

▷ 1. Anti-skid, increase friction

Under the function of traffic load and environment factors, surface feature decays faster than structure feature, so surface feature have to be protected by preventive maintenance, and the pavement sealcoated by Superway features good friction. 

▷ 2. Water proof

 Water is a main factor of road deterioration. Sealcoating can well fill the tiny cracks and make a waterproof cover on pavement surface. After sealcoating, penetration value is 0 according to the T0971-95 asphalt road test method. 

▷ 3. Anti-aging

Asphalt aging influences its durability, in road lift-cycle, aging always resist which is caused by weather, temperature, sunshine, etc. Sealcoating can keep pavement away from those factors. 

▷ 4. Noise reduction and heat resistance

Sealcoating can enhance surface asphalt intensity, delay heat transmission and improve noise reduction performance. Heat resistance prolongs road service life and noise reduction make driving comfortable. 

▷ 5. Better appearance

Sealcoating will make the pavement appears bright black as new road, better appearance and long durability. 

▷ 6. Anti-raveling, anti-shed 

Aggregate raveling and shed make pavement to be etched by air and moisture more easily and accelerate aging, and will lead to the expansion of distress under external force. Sealcoating layer bond strongly with pavement and can solve the problem of raveling and shed, and suspend the occur of distress.