Questions about ESUN Hot-in-Place Asphalt Recycling

Авг. 10,2018

FAQ for Asphalt Recycling Machine

1. Q: How many kinds of thermal recycling technology are there at this stage? A: Infrared thermal radiation, blue heat radiation, microwave radiation, hot air heating cycle. 

2. Q: What’s the difference between thermal recycling and traditional repair? A: Thermal recycling solves the “weak joint of pavement” problem; longer service life after repairing; mechanized operations, less artificial, more efficiency; environment-friendly,energy recycling. 

3. Q: How long will it take for the traffic opening after thermal recycling? A: After cooling(about 10 minutes) 

4. Q: How long will the service life of the pavement repaired by thermal recycling? A: 3-5 years,it can maintain the same service life as the original pavement. 

5. Q: What consequence will it bring to the pit slot pavement without repair? A: It will turns into severe pits disease, or even grass-roots loose gradually and eventually leads to structural damage, reducing the overall service life of the pavement. 

6. Q: What’s the repair cost of repair by thermal recycling? A: 70-90 RMB/m2(Materials, fuel, labor, vulnerable parts, equipment depreciation, etc.). 

7. Q: What’s the national sales of our truck-mounted asphalt thermal recycling? A: 11, by the end of June 2012. 

8. Q: What’s the difference between our truck-mounted comprehensive asphalt hotbox and Nanjing Freetech PM220? A: ①Heating mode: electric heating, with generator sets and external 380V two heating methods (PM220: gas heating); ②Our product is equipped with hydraulic quick coupling (PM220: without hydraulic quick coupling); ③Chassis: 160KW Dongfeng chassis (PM220: Foton); ④Material tank: 2 cubic meters of material bin, fast and uniform heating (PM220: 1. 8 cubic meters of material bin, slow and uneven heating); ⑤Speed of heating: using blue flame technology, ceramic wool for heating medium, more efficient, low maintenance cost (PM220: infrared heating, heating medium for the refractory has flame and will burn the road, short service life of refractory brick, high maintenance cost). 


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