ESN5180TXS road sweeping and washing truck

ESN5180TXS road sweeping and washing truck

ESUNESN5180TXS road washing and sweeping truck can be used for road sweeping orroad washing or a combination of both, to meet requirement of various working conditions. It provides customers with 9 different operating modes, one vehiclefor multiple purposes, and provides an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning method.


▷ 1.Intelligent Control System

The electrical control adopts model of CAN bus control. After the operation mode is selected, one-button controls all, such as the start-stop of deputy engine and the retracting and stretching out of operating device, reducing the possibility of misoperation.

▷ 2.Different Functions

  It integrates the functions of road sweeper and high-pressure cleaner to achieve cleaning, high-pressure washing, garbage collecting, and sewage collecting in a single operation.

  It has nine operating modes: full washing and sweeping, left washing and sweeping , right washing and sweeping, full sweeping, left sweeping, right sweeping, full washing, left washing, right washing.

▷ 3.Centralized Operation

Adopting the following operating device layout:

  Two middle sweeping brushes, center wide suction nozzle with high pressure water spraying bar, middle high-pressure side spraying bar.

Have following features:

  With centralized operation. Constant distance from nozzles to the ground. Continuous operations, such as scrubbing, rinsing, sewage absorbing, etc. Less spattering, higher absorption rate of the waste water, big cleaning width, high cleaning efficiency.

▷ 4.Self-cleaningMaintenance

  The high-pressure spray cleaning device can automatically clean the sewage bin after dumping the garbage, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. 

  The deputy engine cover and the dust bin are welded as one and can be lifted, which greatly enlarges the maintenance room for the deputy engine, transmission, fan, and hydraulic components.

▷ 5.Safety Protection

  Through the rear camera display, the working status of the brushes and the rear environment images can be clearly observed in the driver's cab to effectively protect the safety. 

  There is a low water level sensor alarm system in the clean water tank. When there is no water, it will automatically alarm to prevent water pump from damaging.

  The  waste water tank is equipped with an overflow alarm which can prevent waste water from overflowing from the pipette during sewage operation, avoiding secondary pollution.

▷ 6.High Washing Rate

By combining high pressure washing, sweeping, garbage collecting, sewage recycling and hydraulic discharging operations, it can clean the road surface to achieve the cleanliness effect that people can sit on the road.


Product nameESN5180TXS road sweeping and washing truck
Dimensions 8700x 2490x3020mm
Chassis modelDFH1180BX1V
Chassis engine modelISD 210 50
Maximum washing and sweeping width4.1m
Road washing and sweeping width3.5m
Washing and sweeping speed3-15 km/h
Maximum sweeping capacity70000m²/hl
Absorption rate≥ 96%
Maximum garbage size100mm