ESNX-QY13 gasoline powered automatic road street vacuum cleaner

ESNX-QY13 gasoline powered automatic road street vacuum cleaner


Vacuum cleaner is a popular machine widely used in industrial area.

According to our customers’ requirement, our innovative ESNX-QY13

gasoline powered road vacuum cleaner is specially made for cleaning

the dust in crack sealing, pothole patching and sealcoating applications.

There are many dusts emission in road construction and maintenance works,

in traditional applications, we normally blow them away,

but when construction is nearby foot passengers in urban area,

it’s not good to directly blow away the dust.

Our ESNX-QY13 gasoline powered road vacuum cleaner can suck

all the dusts and sandstones, provide a clean surface for sealing, patching or coating,

and avoid flying dust and reducing citizen complaints.

It can be used in expressway, highway, urban road, airport,

residential area, mine field, power plant and other area unable to get power supply.


1. Fan: Equipped with high quality vortex pump, smooth and quiet operation,

less vibration, no exhaust; Improved pressure bar design, more durable and

better bearing capacity, easier material pour and recover; Optional suction nozzle size(Φ50-100mm).

2. Power source: Powerful Honda gasoline engine driving fan directly, adjustable suction power,

1 tank gasoline(3.5 liters) can continuously work 3 hours.

3. Filter: washable non-woven FPPR filter, filter precision reaches 0.3 um,

filter area is 28000 square meters.

4. Made of 304 stainless steel, compact design and easy to move.

5. Separated dust barrel, smooth barrel wall and easy to clean,

with a handle for easy pouring the dust; A toolbox at rear

for placing the small tools and parts.


ModelESNX-QY13 gasoline powered road vacuum cleaner
Dimensions1300*700*1450 cm
Weight135 kg
EngineHonda gasoline, 9.5 KW, Fuel tank: 3.5 L
Suction power3.2 kPa
Air Volume3.2 kPa

Air Volume
Dust collection drum100 L