CLYG-SS80 concrete road crack sealing machine

CLYG-SS80 concrete road crack sealing machine

Product Description

CLYG-SS80 concrete road crack sealing machine with 100l hot melt.

kettle is oil jacketed, diesel fired and gasoline powered,

designed for crack sealing and waterproofing.

The heating system consists of a transfer oil interlayer and a combustion chamber.

The heat transfer oil is heated through the combustion chamber,

providing indirect heating to the material.


1. Safety Design. Hand push model, each universal wheel with brake,

 greatly improve the working stability and safety

2. Quality generator. Gasoline engine generators feature high efficiency

and low level of noise and air pollution.

3. Centralized temperature controller. Omron dual digital LCD temperature controller:

displaying both the real time temperatures of heat transfer oil, sealant,

and electric heated hose, and the required temperatures,

automatically control the heating process.

4. Evenly heating. 45 degree downward burner chamber

along with oil jacketed melting tank allows high heating efficiency without coking sealant.

5. The lowest loading height. 0.95 meters’ loading hight eases the operators’ workload

and reduces work injury.

6. Equiped with material pump. Ensure the sealing pressure and quality.

7. Self-lubricating agitator. No need greasing manually, easy to operate

and convenient to maintain.

8. Electric heated hose. The hose’s super flexibility makes

for a working coverage of 360 degree.

9. Sealing wand. With switch mounted on the sealing

wand to control the material pump remotely, which saves sealant.

10. Replaceable sealing tips. Different sealing tips apply

to different cracks to ensure the desired sealing results.


ModelCLYG-SS80 concrete road crack sealing machine with 100l hot melt kettle
Dimensions1660x890x1250 mm
Net weight297 kg
Melting tank80 liter
Melting rateCold start: 35-40 Minutes, Continuous: 30 Minutes
GeneratorRGN3800, 220V, 2.4KW
Diesel burnerBECKETT, 105W/220V, 0.4-0.55GAL/H
Material PumpYongxinda TGGP3-32, 80W, 160r/min, 4L/min, 6bar
Electric heated hose220 V, 1 KW, 4 m
Agitator motor220V, 250W, rated speed:1800r/min, output: 15r/min
Pump motor220V, 250W, 50Hz, output: 180r/min
Diesel tank20 liter
Heat transfer oil tank20 liter