Preventative coat for new and old pavement with tiny cracks, smooth, pitted surface, loose and rut.


▷ 1. High anti-wear and anti-skid performance, suitable for heavy traffic road. 

▷ 2. Thickness 6-15mm, can repair pavement structure, tiny cracks and rut. 

▷ 3. Better sealing effect after cured compared with hot asphalt thin layer, it can prevent water infiltration and protect pavement structure. 

▷ 4. Open to the traffic fast, open to the traffic in 1 hour after construction, reducing the impact on the traffic. 

▷ 5. Applicable to both asphalt and concrete pavement (tack coat the concrete pavement before applying). 

▷ 6. Micro-surfacing pavement service life up to 3 years if the sub base is stable. 

▷ 7. Unit cost is far lower than traditional hot asphalt overlay.8. Reduce and delay the pavement distress effectively.

▷ 8. Reduce and delay the pavement distress effectively. 

▷ 9. Construction at room temperature and no pollution to the environment.

Construction Process

▷ 1. Repair, clean the original pavement. 

▷ 2. Laying guide line to ensure paving truck going straight. 

▷ 3. Paving micro-surface mixture with micro-surfacing truck. 

▷ 4. Manually repair partial construction defects. 

▷ 5. Curing period. 

▷ 6. Open to the traffic(adhesion between slurry and original pavement reaches 200N*cm). 

▷ 7. The second layer should be paved 48 hours after the first layer if required.

Construction Cases