CLYB-CY2000 Trucked mounted hotbox reclaimer

CLYB-CY2000 Trucked mounted hotbox reclaimer

Asphalt hotbox pothole patcher is a professional asphalt pavement regeneration and repair equipment; with functionsof cold asphalt mixture heating, insulation transport, pavement heating, emulsified asphalt spraying and waste retaking; suitable for pothole, crack, rutting, upheaval, poor oil and other distress repair. In terms of driving force, our hot box can be divided into 2 categories, trailer and truck mounted.


▷ 1. Our hotbox uses import ceramic electric heating cells with high heating efficiency, cold asphalt mixture can be heated to 160℃ in 3 to 5 hours. 

▷ 2. Equipped with blue ray asphalt heater, can reheat and repair the asphalt distress. 

▷ 3. Equipped with emulsified asphalt spray system to ensure the asphalt content of patch and the quality of repair. 

▷ 4. Integrated control panel controls asphalt mixture temperature, ceramic electric heating cell temperature, blue ray asphalt heater, loading gate opening and closing; equipped with warning light to indicate breakdown diagnosis. 

▷ 5. Equipped with LED sign for traffic control during moving and construction. 

▷ 6. 50 KW Cummins engine generator. 

▷ 7. Hydraulic & electric output.  

▷ 8. Wacker hand operated roller equipped. 

▷ 9. Truck mounted or skid mounted available, 16 ton chassis with PTO. 

▷ 10. Light and convenient to meet needs of the quick construction and quick leaving on highway.

Working Process


Dimensions8710×2400×3300 mm
Gross Weight12030 kg
Hotbox2 m3 / 3.4 Ton
V shape insulated
Heating & Recycling
Heating rate
Municipal Electric: 3-5 hours
Generator: 3 -5 hours
Asphalt Heater2.5 m2
Gas blue ray heating
2 Heating zones
RollerWacker RS-600A
Emulsion Sprayer45 Liter
Drive/powerCummins engine generator & PTO