Cimary Sealant

Cimary Sealant

CIMARY sealant is a high quality hot applied crack sealant, composition of asphalt cement, virgin synthetic polymer, premium rubber, and other modifiers. The performance is superior to most international standards. It’s solid at normal temperature, and will change into gel of super stretch and adhesion after melted by heating, which can effectively seal cracks and joints in the pavement and remain sealed effects in long-term. CIMARY sealant is a pavement preservation sealant intended for highway, street and airport applications.

Applicable Distresses

Transverse crack   Longitudinal crack   Reflection crack 

Treatment Process 

T Shape Hot Injection Crack Sealing


▷ 1. Waterproof, high elasticity.

▷ 2. Bond well in asphalt pavement.

▷ 3. 2 pieces in 1 carton, melting faster 30% than previous.

▷ 4. Keep solid, never stick to tire in hot weather.

▷ 5. Never been fragile in cold weather, durable.

▷ 6. Compliable to all kinds of crack sealing machines. 

Working Procedures

1. Heat sealant 

2. Grooving 

3. Dry and Clean 

4. Cleaned crack 

5. Seal 

6. Sealed crack


Applicable area≥0 ℃≥-10 ℃≥-20 ℃≥-30 ℃≥-40 ℃
Softening point≥90 ℃≥80 ℃≥80 ℃≥80 ℃≥70 ℃
Cone penetration≤70 dmm50~90 dmm70~110 dmm90~150 dmm120~180 dmm
Flow value≤3 mm≤5 mm≤5 mm≤5 mm--
Resilience30-70 %30-70 %30-70 %30-70 %30-70 %
Low temperature tensile0℃, 25%, Pass-10℃, 50%, Pass-20℃, 100%, Pass-30℃, 150%, Pass-40℃, 200%, Pass
Recommended application temperature180-190℃180-190℃180-190℃180-190℃180-190℃
Optimum application season7-18℃7-18℃7-18℃7-18℃7-18℃
Package weight16.7 kg/Carton, 60 Carton/ ton16.7 kg/Carton, 60 Carton/ ton16.7 kg/Carton, 60 Carton/ ton16.7 kg/Carton, 60 Carton/ ton16.7 kg/Carton, 60 Carton/ ton

We own the technology and facilities for sealant R&D and production and can provide customized services according to our customers’ requirement.