CLYG-SS80 Hand-push crack sealing machine

CLYG-SS80 Hand-push crack sealing machine

CLYG-SS80 Portable Crack Sealing Machine is oil jacketed, diesel fired and gasoline powered, designed for crack sealing and waterproofing. The heating system consists of a transfer oil inter layer and a combustion chamber. The heat transfer oil is heated through the combustion chamber, providing indirect heating to the material.


 ▷ 1. Oil-jacketed melters are with high heating efficiency and never coking sealant.

▷ 2. Beckett diesel burners are electronically controlled with Auto Shut Off, 45 degree downward combustion chamber.

 3. Roper pump, external pump for convenient maintenance.

▷ 4. All electric heated hose for applying the sealant at certain temperature ensure its performance.

▷ 5. Electric switch at the sealing wand for easy control of sealant flow.

▷  6. Integrated digital control center with protective cover, offers AC gauge to monitor the real and target temperature  of material, heat transfer oil and electric heated hose.

▷ 7. Electric motor driven pump and agitator.

▷ 8. Portable hand push type, cost-effective, suitable for small-scale works.


ModelCLYG-SS80 Portable Crack Sealing Machine
Dimensions1660x890x1250 mm
Net weight297 kg
Melting tank80 liter
Melting rateCold start: 35-40 Minutes, Continuous: 30 Minutes
GeneratorRGN3800, 220V, 2.4KW
Diesel burnerBECKETT, 105W/220V, 0.4-0.55GAL/H
Material PumpYongxinda TGGP3-32, 80W, 160r/min, 4L/min, 6bar
Electric heated hose220 V, 1 KW, 4 m
Agitator motor220V, 250W, rated speed:1800r/min, output: 15r/min
Pump motor220V, 250W, 50Hz, output: 180r/min
Diesel tank20 liter
Heat transfer oil tank20 liter