Gasoline vacuum sweeper for leaves

Gasoline vacuum sweeper for leaves

Gasoline industrial sweeper ESNX-240 technical parameters  

1. Power system: Honda engine driven, stable performance and strong power.  

2. Four-speed variable speed adjustment, the speed can be adjusted at will according to different use environments, so as to achieve better results.  

3. Use pneumatic tires to enhance the shock absorption effect and effectively extend the service life of the machine.  

4. Equipped with folding design, the armrest can be easily folded.  

5. High working efficiency, saving time and labor, up to 2850m2 per hour, easily solving the problem of garbage residue in various places, dozens of times faster than traditional cleaning methods.  

6, two simple cleaning methods, you can push while sucking, you can hold a large-diameter suction pipe to suck impurities, and small corners can be easily handled.  

 7. Large capacity: 240L cotton dust bag, which can be washed and dried for repeated use. 

8. Absorbed substances: fallen leaves, branches, small pebbles, paper waste, cigarette butts, etc.  

9. Scope of application: Use in tourist areas, property communities, school greening, rural farms, forestry bureaus,environmental sanitation farms, industrial park plants, planting bases, horticultural fields, lawn care, road sanitation, etc It is especially suitable for cleaning on golf courses, football fields, outdoor artificial turf and sports fields.