Electric garbage truck for Waste Collection with back loaded

Electric garbage truck for Waste Collection with back loaded

The vehicle adoptsinternational advanced AC motor controller:  

Produced by a well-known international controller company: Themainstream DSP of the American TI company is used as the main control chip, andthe internationally advanced high-power MOSFET is used as the power device. Theadvanced vector control algorithm is used to realize the controller's controlof the motor torque and speed. Precise control. Brake or reverse energyfeedback control to increase the vehicle's driving range, all using CAN buscommunication.

The vehicle is driven by 4Kw AC asynchronousmotor:  

This three-phase AC asynchronous motor has a simple structure, reliableoperation, strong overload capacity, Moment, continuous climbing can be strong, easy to use,install and maintain.

12 colloidvalve-regulated lead-acid maintenance-free 200Ah large-capacity batteries.

  (The design principle of VRLA batteries is to inject the requiredamount of electrolyte into the plates and separators. There is no free electrolyte. The negative electrode plateis wet to increase the ability to absorb oxygen. , So the valve-regulatedlead-acid battery is also called "lean battery") Optional lithium batterysystem for subsequent models

Vehicle adopts vacuumassisted braking system  

Due to the load-carrying capacity of the truck, in order to ensure thesafety of the entire vehicle, the entire system uses an electric vacuum assistedbraking system. The disc brake has the advantages of better reactivity andstability, better heat dissipation, and easy replacement. Drum brakes havelower cost and higher absolute braking force. 

 The chassis system of thewhole vehicle adopts standard profile girder frame and front and rear integral load bridges. The front andrear leaf springs and damper suspension are more suitable for heavy loads: