ESN H91 rear-mounted garbage collector

ESN H91 rear-mounted garbage collector

The "ESN H91 rear-mountedgarbage collector" is a brand new zero-emission pure electricgarbage collector, which is made of the chassis of the automobile with theframe and crossbeam riveted as a whole. The car adopts panoramic cab, rearhanging bucket turning device and pushing and pressing device, the performanceis ahead of the domestic similar products, the appearance of the car isfashionable and simple, simple operation, flexible operation, low noise.  

 "ESN H91 rear mounted garbage collector" is a professionalnew energy equipment specially designed for urban environmental sanitation. Itis widely used in high-end residential areas, cleaning properties, resorts,factories, industrial parks, campuses, scenic spots and other public places,providing them with an efficient, low-noise, green and environment-friendlycleaning method.


  1. Loading andunloading of convenient 

 Adopt rear hangingbucket turning device, reduce working width and operate flexibly. After eachbucket turning, the hydraulic push plate can push the dumped garbage andcompaction to the front of the garbage box, improve the load of the box andensure the smooth loading of the rear crane.

2.Strong power

The vehicle adopts lightweight design andUSES 48-v lithium battery for power, energy saving and environmentalprotection, with longer driving range.

3.Large loading capacity

The ash box is made of stainless steel, witha capacity of 3 cubic meters and a rated load of 1.5 tons. Small garbagefeeding port is set on the side of the ash box, which is convenient for manualthrowing.

4.Real-timeoperational monitoring 

The vehicle control system adopts single chip microcomputer control, resistance type accelerator, with anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-flying, start delay and reverse deceleration, electronic anti-slip slope and other safety functions

5.Safe and reliable

The rear part of the vehicle is equipped with a ground support oil cylinder, which can support the stability of the vehicle when the garbage collection and transport box is dumped as a whole, thus making the garbage collection and transport box with large capacity dump more safely.

6.Elegant and beautiful

Cab glass adopts hyperboloid streamlineddesign. Automobile spray painting technology, automobile tempered glass, thewhole car elegant and beautiful.

7.Wide range of adaptation

Strong suction, good cleaning effect. Short wheelbase, small turning radius, widely used in municipal sanitation, cleaning property, industrial parks, campus cleaning operations. 

8.Full protection

In order to protect the safety of human body, key machinery and electrical parts, protection measures are fully considered in the design. Even if the operation is not intentional, there will be no harm to the equipment. Relevant warning and warning signs are posted on obvious parts of the vehicle, and the reversing image is set on the main control platform of the cab to ensure the safety of operation and operation. 


Product details


3Maximum speedkm/h≤24
4Minimum turning radiusm5.2
6braking abilitym80-100
7Front wheelbase/rear wheelbasemm1200/1200
9Tire size175R13
10Minimum ground clearancemm190
11Maximum climb%20
12Travelling motor powerkw5
13Oil pump motor powerkw1.3
15Grey box capacitym33
16Loading trash can specificationL120/240
17Machine weightkg2040
18Rated loadkg1500