Features Of ESUN Garbage Compact Truck

Nov. 7,2019

Features Of ESUN Garbage Compact Truck

TheSealing Process Eliminates Secondary Pollution

Thegarbage is closed in the process of compression loading and transportation,

andhas a diversion trough, anti-backflow device and anti-side leakage device toprevent sewage leakage.


AutomaticAnd Manual Operation Of Two Sets Of System Automatic Control

Aload cycle can be implemented with a single button.

Manual operation can alsobe used to complete the loading and unloading of the garbage.


SafeAnd ReliableAnadvanced hydraulic lift safety circuit is used. Even if the tubing bursts,

thefiller will not suddenly fall to cause a serious accident, which improves thesafety of use.


AdvancedElectronic Control SystemTheimported PLC (programmable controller) integrated control is adopted,

thecontrol circuit is generated in the PLC, and the logic loop is adopted toensure

that each operation instruction is executed in order.

HighEfficiencyThefilling operation does not exceed 25 seconds in one cycle,

and the cycle timein the unloading operation does not exceed 40 seconds.


HighQuality Imported OriginalsThe key components of electrical

and hydraulic systems use imported components, such as multi-way valves,

differential valves, back pressure valves, balance balancing valves, andtwo-way compression valves.


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