ESUN Fully automatic dust suppression sprayer fog cannon

ESUN Fully automatic dust suppression sprayer fog cannon

Dust control spraycannons    

 Key Features:  

 •       Suitablefor applications which require a maximum reach of 35-100m and a vertical of15-40m 

 •       Towablewheel cast set.

 •       RemoteHorizontal and vertical angle control for Pin Point accuracy at all times.

 •       AutoIsolating system control. 

 •       Wateratomisation system produces the ideal water droplet size for optimum dustcontrol. 

 •       Highefficiency Turbine Fan protects the water spray drift against sidewinds.

 •       LowPower and Water consumption. 

 •       Superiorconstruction ensures long-lasting durability in extreme conditions. 

 •       Designedand manufactured with the best materials are used for excellent quality. Solid,durable and characterized by the now recognizable clean lines designed towithstand stresses in the toughest working conditions. 

 •       Extremecompactness and low centre of gravity improves balance. 

 Optional Extras;UV Stabilization Units, Frequency Control, Pressure Safety System, Generator,Trailer, Water tank, Skid Mount and cast wheels, all to name just a few of thevarying items you may add to customise you Spray Cannon to suit your specialneeds.


 Demolition & Construction 

 Coal Handling 

 Mining & Quarrying 

 Steel & Slag 

 Waste transfer 

 Wood processing 


 Easy installation and operation 

 Low energy consumption 

 Effective and durable in use 

 Low investment costs 

 Tailored solutions 

 Different types of constructions

Max Throw(M) 506080100120150200
no wind
Coverage Area (M2) no wind600070001300020000290004500062000
Volume Flow (Adjustable)60-118100-160150-200160-240160-300
Nozzles q-ty(pcs)60(2 rings)80(2 rings)90(2 rings)100(2 rings)120(2 rings)
or customizedor customizedor customizedor customizedor customized
Fog Droplet Size     (Adjustable )30-150µm 20-200µm30-300µm 
 Water Pressure (Mpa)2.0-3.5Mpa2.5-3.5Mpa
Power Supply3-Phase,380V/50HZ(according to different national conditions)
Control MethodRemote Control
 Horizontal Rotation Angle320°
 Pitching Angle-10°~45°-10°~40°
Applicable Environment Temperature-30℃~+45℃
ColorGreen, Orange, Grey, Blue or customized