ESUN asphalt crack sealer CLYG-ZS350

ESUN asphalt crack sealer CLYG-ZS350

CLYG-ZS350 self-propelledcrack sealing machine is oil jacketed, diesel fired and gasoline powered,designed for crack sealing and waterproofing. 

The heat transfer system consistsof a transfer oil interlayer and a combustion chamber. The heat transfer oil isheated through the combustion chamber, providing indirect heating to thematerial.Features

1. Safety Design. Witha double shock absorption system (leaf spring and gas spring), greatly improvethe working stability and safety.

2. User-friendly. Twoports to receive the sealing wand; and a finger-tip control of sealant pumpingon the sealing wand.

3. Quality generator. Gasolineengine generators feature high efficiency and low level of noise and air pollution.

4. Centralized temperature controller. Omrondual digital LCD temperature controller: displaying both the real timetemperatures of heat transfer oil, sealant, and electric heated hose, and therequired temperatures, automatically control the heating process.

5. Evenly heating. 45degree downward burner chamber along with oil-jacketed tank allows high heatingefficiency without coking sealant.

6. Electric heated hose. Thehose’s super flexibility makes for a working coverage of 270 degree.

7. The lowest loading height. Iteases the operators’ workload and reduces work injury.

8. Electric agitator.Easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

9. Self-propelled electric motor.Can also be hauled by vehicles.

10. Replaceablesealing tips. Differentsealing tips apply to different cracks to ensure the desired sealing results.

Net weight
Loading height
Melting tank
Heat transfer oil
Melting rate
Gasoline fuel
Agitator motor
Propelling motor
Diesel oil tank
Diesel burner
Electric heated hose
3100x1640x1960 mm
1300 kg
125 cm
350 liter
80 liter
350 liters / 45 minutes
5.5 kw Honda
24 liter
0.4 kw
2.2 kw
62 liter
BECKETT 105000-350000btu/h
24 V, 1.5 KW, 6.5 m