Road maintenance "New Guardian" release: Trailing asphalt mixer

Sep. 10,2019

Road maintenance "New Guardian" release: Trailing asphalt mi

Basedon customer needs, ESUN continues to provide customers with professionalsolutions and equipment for road maintenance problems. Now we are launching theroad maintenance "New Guardian" - CLYB-ZS600 towed asphalt mixer.CLYB-ZS600towed asphalt mixing machine efficiently and economically treats problems suchas pot hole, cracks, hump on asphalt pavement.Productadvantages  

  • A variety of functions

Ithas many functions such as waste asphalt material regeneration, cold materialheating, asphalt material mixing, road surface filling and so on, which canrepair damaged roads efficiently and quickly. 

  • Efficient heating 

Thedrum type 360 degree rotation uniform heating kettle has a double-layer heatinsulation system. The heating time of the first material is only about 20minutes, and the heating time of the second material is less than 15 minutes. 

Economic andenvironmental protection 

Whenthe operation is repaired, the barrel is immediately recycled and reused, andthe raw materials are recycled to maximize the cost, reduce costs and protectthe environment. 

  • Quality parts 

Maincomponents such as generators, burners and electrical components are imported,torsion spring damping chassis and mobile chassis. 


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