ESUN Held a Presentation in Gansu

Ene. 7,2019

Oct. 10, 2013 - ESUN, a leader in roadmaintenance machinery, held a road maintenance machinery presentation in Gansu. 

ESUN held many presentations to show and promoteits products. This time, ESUN made a presentation in Gansu. In thispresentation, ESUN introduced its features and applications for its differentproducts such as cape seal, cold in-place recycling, conventional chip seal, conventional fog seal, conventionalmicro surfacing, crack seal, hot in-place recycling, modified chip seal, patching,premium chip seal, premium micro surfacing, rejuvenating fog seal, slurry sealand ultra thin lift overlay, then demoed the working procedures in the road. 

The presentation was held successfully and got a lotof attention from customers.


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