About the maintenance of garbage compactor trucks

Oct. 12,2019

About the maintenance of garbage compactor trucks

ESUN garbagecompactor truck is a sanitation vehicle that integrates garbage collection

andcompression transportation.

It is equipped with a box structure, loadingmechanism, compression mechanism, unloading

mechanism and control system on thechassis frame.

ESUN garbagecompactor truck has the characteristics of simple operation, good sealingperformance,

high work efficiency, manpower saving and high compression ratio.It is suitable for barrel, bag and bulk

domestic garbage collection andtransportation in urban residential areas, communities and large enterprises.

The garbagecompactor truck is subject to maintenance. How to maintain and maintain theESUN garbage compactor truck? 

1. The use andmaintenance of the ESUN garbage compactor truck chassis and engine parts can becarried out

with reference to the manual book.

2. During the newgarbage truck's running-in stage, the loading capacity shall be controlledwithin 70% of the rated

load mass within the driving range of 1500-2500km andthe push plate unloading within 900 times. Do not slam the

throttle when unloading.

3. Always checkthe oil system for oil leakage and repair and replace the oil seal in time.Lubricate the moving parts

regularly and apply lubricant to the surface of eachrail.

4. Clean theentire surface of the vehicle and the carton and the pressure filler after theend of each day.

5. Clean thesealing joint surface every day to ensure a good seal, and avoid damage to therubber seals

and mats due to the sharp objects or hard objects in the garbage.

6. When thegarbage compactor truck cylinder is operated up to 300 times, replace allworking oil.

Open the hydraulic oil tank oil drain screw plug, inject new oilfrom the upper oil filling hole,

and then start the engine test run eachcylinder action, the operation is reliable.

7. The high pressureoil pipe is replaced every two years, and if it is found to be damaged,

expanded or cracked during use, it should be replaced in time.


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