ESNS2000-LK All Electric Road Sweeper

ESNS2000-LK All Electric Road Sweeper


ESNS2000-LK professional all electric road sweeper is developed by ESUN on a special chassis with zero emission for urban environmental sanitation. It combines water-spraying-dust-control and sucking-matching-sweeping to clean dust, stone, peel, paper and deciduous waste easily, and features fashion appearance, simple and flexible operation and low noise. It’s widely used in public area such as municipal street, residential area, industrial area, campuses and so on, and provides a high efficient, low noise and environmentally-friendly cleaning method.


▷ 1. Good sweeping effect 

Two adjustable front disk brushes(side), two middle disk brushes(side) and one roller brush(main); high-power ac three-speed blower, speed is adjustable according to the working conditions, high sweeping efficiency. 

▷ 2. Dust free operation

Equipped with water tank and high pressure atomization dust suppression system, no raising dust.

▷ 3. Visual operator cab, real-time monitoring operation 

Full view glass window cab, large screen colored LCD touch controller and rear view camera, blower, front, middle and roller brush can be controlled individually.

▷ 4. Large capacity 

1 m³ large garbage bin with convenient hydraulic dumping system. 

▷ 5. Strong power

48V 480AH lithium electric battery pack power meets daily continuous works.

▷ 6. Good trafficability 

Light-weight design, with 13 inches inflatable tire, it can climb curbstone easily; Service brake and parking brake increase its service safety. 

▷ 7. Safety device  

To protect operator and equipment itself, we fully consider the protection measures, disoperation won’t cause any harm to the equipment. Obvious warning marks are posted on all functional parts; Clearly rear view camera can be observed in the cab to ensure the operation safety. 


▷ 8. Convenient maintenance  

Reasonable layout, liftable garbage bin and rolling gate at right & left sides provide enough space for maintenance of motor, blower, controller, transmission and other routine maintenance points, making daily maintenance more convenient. 

▷ 9. Wide Application 

With good sweeping effect and trafficability, it’s widely applied to the cleaning of municipal street, residential area, industrial area, campuses and so on.

▷ 10.Optional functions 

High pressure washing device, handhold suction pipe and air conditioner. 


Sweeping width2000~2350mm, adjustable
Working efficiency>20000m2/h
Main brush length500 mm
Side brush diameter700 mm
Water tank300 L
Garbage bin1000 L
Power source48 V, 480 AH lithium battery pack
Working hours5~8 h
Driving power5500W
Blower power5000W
Working power(motor)Main brush 700W, side brush 4 *150W, dust suppression system 2*180W, water pump 1500W
Sweeping speed10 km/h
Driving speed>25 km/h
Climbing ability25℅
Turning radius4500 mm
Wheelbase1900 mm
Wheel tread1400 mm
Dimensions4200*2350*2400 mm
Curb weight2030 kg
Air conditioner48 V Optional

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