electric Sanitation garbage collector truck

electric Sanitation garbage collector truck

The "ESN H91 rear-mounted garbage collector" is a brand new zero-emission pure electric garbage collector, which is made of the chassis of the automobile with the frame and crossbeam riveted as a whole. The car adopts panoramic cab, rear hanging bucket turning device and pushing and pressing device, the performance is ahead of the domestic similar products, the appearance of the car is fashionable and simple, simple operation, flexible operation, low noise."ESN H91 rear mounted garbage collector" is a professional new energy equipment specially designed for urban environmental sanitation. It is widely used in high-end residential areas, cleaning properties, resorts, factories, industrial parks, campuses, scenic spots and other public places, providing them with an efficient, low-noise, green and environment-friendly cleaning method.

1.Adopt rear hanging bucket turning device, reduce working width and operate flexibly. After each bucket turning, the hydraulic push plate can push and compacted the dumped garbage to the front of the garbage box, which improves the loading capacity of the box and ensures the smoothness of the loading of the rear hanging.

2. The vehicle adopts lightweight design, using 48V lithium battery as power, energy saving and environmental protection, driving range longer.

3.The gray box is made of stainless steel corrosion resistant box with a capacity of 3 cubic meters and rated load of 1.5 tons. The side of the gray box is equipped with a small garbage feeding port, which is convenient for manual throwing..

4. The whole vehicle control system adopts single chip microcomputer control, resistance accelerator, with anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-flying car, start delay and reverse deceleration, electronic slope protection and other safety functions.

5.The rear of the vehicle is equipped with a floor oil tank. When the garbage collection and transportation box is completely dumped, the rear oil tank is on the ground to support the stability of the vehicle, making it safer to dump the large-capacity garbage collection and transportation box.

6.Cab glass adopts hyperboloid streamline design. Automobile painting process, automobile tempered glass, the whole vehicle is elegant and beautiful.