ESN5180TXS Truck Mounted Sweeper with Washer Maintenance

Sept. 6,2019

Maybeyou can use the ESN5180TXS sweeper in a familiar way, but you don't know how tomaintain it. Truck maintenance on time, can fully utilize its technicalperformance and work efficiency, and extend its service life. Here are somepoints to note about the maintenance of the ESN5180TXS washing car:Dailymaintenance is carried out after work as the basic maintenance should focus oncleaning and inspection.

1.Clean the working surface of each sensor of the sweeper.

2.Clean the lens surface of each camera of the sweeper.

3.After cleaning the dusty road surface, the air filter of the main and auxiliaryengines should be cleaned daily to protect the engine.

4.Flush the inside of the sewage tank, the filter screen, the inside of thestraw, the body and the exterior of each assembly, and wipe the glass andmirrors.

5.Check the fuel tank fuel quantity, cooling water quantity, and oil quantity,and add if necessary.

6.Check the tightness of each belt of the auxiliary engine output and adjust ifnecessary.

7.Check the tire nut, each fastening bolt, the riding bolt and the tire pressure,and tighten and refill if necessary.

8.Check the vehicle for water leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, etc. Ifnecessary, remove it.

9.Open the water discharge switch in the lower part of the water filter to drainthe impurities from the water filter.

10.Exclude the fault that occurred on the day.

ESN5180TXS Truck Mounted Sweeper with Washer Maintenance


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