Cimary Asphalt Crack Sealing Tape

Cimary Asphalt Crack Sealing Tape


CIMARY asphalt crack sealing tape is a bitumen polymerized tape designed to seal road cracks, preventing water ingress into the road subgrade. It overcomes the shortage of crack filling and sealing procedure. No need grooving, heating and other special equipment, just manually paste it and open to the traffic, the traffic will compact it.

Applicable Distress

It's designed specially for crack less than 6mm wide.


▷ 1. 3 times faster.

▷ 2. 50% cost saving. 

▷ 3. Simple, no need to heat, just paste and done. 

▷ 4. Using in ambient temperature, no pollution. 

▷ 5. Waterproof, never flow in high temperature, never stick to tire. Never split in low temperature, good durability. 

▷ 6. Soft and flexible, easy follow crack, suitable for all kinds of irregular cracks.

Apply Process

▷ 1. Clean

▷ 2. Remove plastic film (double film)

▷ 3. Paste 

▷ 4. Cut 

▷ 5. Remove the upper film 

▷ 6. Done