concrete road round cutting machine

concrete road round cutting machine

concrete road round cutting machine

Road round manhole covers cutting machine is suitable for cement, concrete and asphalt pavement,especially for circular manhole cutting, especially for circular manhole cutting. 

1.Its unique round cutting ability, its efficiency is more than 10 times of the common cutting machine. 

2.The construction is time saving, labor saving and material saving with the machine 

3.The effect after construction: beautiful, strong and lasting, strong bearing capacity. 

4.The Honda engine ,small volume, high power, low fuel consumption ,easy to start. 

5.Hand push ,easy to adjust angle and cutting depth.

6.This product can cut straight line and circular line.


1.High-performance engine: B&S 18HP gasoline engine,highperformance, high durability,stable power and low fuel consumption. 

2.Easyto operate: Remote control, simple and safe 

3.Nice cutting: the cut is tidy and nice, easy for filling and compaction. 

4.Adjustablecutting radius: cutting radius can be adjusted manuallyaccordingto the pavement distress before construction. 

5.Adjustable cutting depth: cutting depth can be set manuallyaccordingto the pavement distress before construction. 

6.Adjustable cut lowering speed: Remote controlled lowering speedaccordingto the different pavement strength, makes construction efficient. 7.Automatic limit function: blade lifting with automatic limit function,theblade will stop lowering after reaching setdepth or rise height, whichensures the safety and reliability.

8.Equipped with dust control unit: 60L waterdeductinguniteliminates the need for a continuous water source, protecting the diamond cutter and reducing dust.  

9.Simple and reliable center positioning: locate with independent base, simpleand reliable, easy to operate.  

10.Driving Mode: trailedby towing, good trafficability.  

11.Rotating frame makes construction convenient and quick:justlift the frame and start to workwhilethe cutter reaches designated position,convenient and quick.  

12. Lowconstruction cost: less time and labor consume comparedwith other methods.