ESN5080ZYS Compression Type Garbage Truck

ESN5080ZYS Compression Type Garbage Truck

Range of application

ESN5080ZYS compression type garbage truck is a vehicle road transport garbage collection and sanitation homework, is based on, the second class chassis, adding compartments, feeding mechanism, compression and unloading mechanism, oil pump, oil cylinder, control valve, such as hot rod, with elegant appearance, convenient operation and stable structure, good sealing performance, high efficiency, saving manpower, high compression ratio, etc, mainly is suitable for the urban residential, community, large enterprises, the old city of bottled, packaged and bulk solid waste collection and transport.

Product introduction

ESN5080ZYS compression type garbage truck dustbin and filler are high strength manganese corrosion resistant steel welding structure, dustbin using circular arc section. Dustbin interior is equipped with folding surface type push shovel, push shovel by push shovel oil cylinder drive, can slide along the bottom of the dustbin on both sides of the guide, push shovel has the function of unloading garbage, and play the role of closed dustbin front end. The filler is equipped with a skateboard and a scraper, which are respectively driven by a skateboard oil cylinder and a scraper oil cylinder. The skateboard moves in the chute on both sides of the filler, and the scraper moves around the hinge axis of the skateboard. A lifting cylinder and a locking mechanism are arranged between the dustbin and the filler. The lifting cylinder drives the loader up and down, and the locking mechanism makes the loader lock on the dustbin. The turning (bucket) mechanism at the rear of the vehicle realizes the turning of the garbage can (bucket) through the oil cylinder to dump garbage and return to the position. The hydraulic system USES the combination control valve group, the tubing arrangement is neat, artistic, the layout is reasonable.

  ESN5080ZYS compressedgarbage truck main technical parameters

Overall dimension (mm) : length x width x height6890×2205×2620
Total Mass (kg)8280
Rated load weight (kg)1850
Wheelbase (mm)3300mm
Emission StandardsⅤ GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 countries
Maximum speed (km/h)90
Garbage compartment volume (m³)6.6
Stuffing box volume(m³)0.6
Garbage compression kg/m3)600-800
Chassis brand modelBeiqi Foton bj3086depda-1
Loading compression cycle time (s)≤25