Cold Mix Asphalt Repair Material

Cold Mix Asphalt Repair Material

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Cold mix asphalt repair material is used for patching potholes in all weather conditions. CIMARY cold mix asphalt repair material is featured with excellent viscosity and guaranteed permanent repairs. 

To adapt to different construction environment, CIMARY cold mix asphalt repair material comes with 2 types, standard type and water condensation type. And the available models are CP-10 and CP-13, and each model has its summer and winter formula. We can also provide special solutions according to the requirement of our customer. The standard package is 25 kg bags, also we can provide bulk mix.

Application range 

Applicable to potholes, rut, municipal road digging holes, restoration after pipeline laying, bridge expansion joints, heavy load pavement joint, curve of high traffic volume and special road repair, widely used in municipal roads, highways, parking lot, airport runway made of asphalt concrete or cement concrete.


Standard type cold mix asphalt repair material for emergency repair and small area repair has unique advantage, but the problem is that the service life for emergency repair is limited.  

Water condensation type cold mix asphalt repair material is added hydraulicity material, which can form strength in wet area and will not affect the work-ability of the raw pavement, It’s perfect for the rainy area.


ModelMin. patching depthEconomic patching depthTwo Formulations
CP-1026mm29-52mmwinter: -30-10℃
CP-1338mm40-72mmsummer: 10-50℃

Customer can adjust application according to local weather. 

Patching Area Calculation Reference

Patching area of 1 ton CIMARY cold mix asphalt repair material (compacted density: 2.35 tons per cubic meter) 

Patching DepthRepair area
3cm17 m2
5cm10 m2
8cm6.25 m2
10cm5 m2

Water Condensation Type Construction Demonstration

1. Factory Area Patching With Water 2. Effect After 1 Hour 3. Effect After 1 Day 4. Effect After 1 Month