ESN5160GQX Cleaning Vehicle

ESN5160GQX Cleaning Vehicle

RangeOf Adaptation for  cleaningvehicle

 Cleaning Vehicle can be widely used in city road, viaduct, highway, square and airport, wharf cleaning operations.

"ESN5160GQX cleaning vehicle" has twosets of water system, high and low pressure, providing pressure water sourcefor cleaning vehicle. Its working principle is: the use of high pressure waterpump produced by high pressure, through the spray rack of high pressure nozzlejet, using the kinetic energy of high pressure water flow, with high pressure,low flow way cleaning, strong deconsolidation, efficient water saving, canclean the old stains of the road; Or high-pressure water sprays through theleft (right) corner to clean the kerb, sidewalk and guardrail separation area;The use of high-pressure spray gun can also clean road signs, billboards,viaduct, etc. The spray system has powerful functions of dust removal, airdisinfectant spraying and air humidity regulation.

1.RoadWashing And Cleaning

Low pressure, large flow of flushing watercan be used to quickly wash the road surface, the middle of the road garbage onboth sides, for the convenience of follow-up cleaning vehicles mechanizedoperation; Also can adopt the high pressure, the low flow way to wash the roadforcefully, removes the road old stain. 


With spray dust, green spraying, airdisinfection, remote water cannon, low-pressure hedge, low-pressure sprinkler,high-pressure Angle spray, high-pressure flushing, high-pressure water gun andother functions. 

3. Operational Real-time Monitoring

Low water levelsensor alarm system is set in the water tank to automatically alarm when thereis no water to prevent the water pump from damage. 

4.Prompt reminder of Operation

Equipped with voice alarm device, canaccurately broadcast a variety of safety tips and faults.


The standard high-pressure water pump, nozzle, high-pressure spray gun and the key hydraulic and electrical components used in the cleaning car are internationally famous products, with excellent performance and reliable work. 

6.Convenient Maintenance

The vehicle layout is reasonable, and the daily maintenance points have enough maintenance space, making the daily maintenance of customers very convenient.

7.WideRange Of Adaptation

High water pressure, large washing force,good cleaning effect. Widely used in urban streets, highways, viaduct Bridges,airports, ports and other areas of cleaning and cleaning operations.

8.Fullprotection measures

In order to protect the safety of personal, key machinery, hydraulic andelectrical components, protective measures have been taken into fullconsideration in the design, and even accidental illegal operation will notharm the equipment. Relevant warnings and warning signs have been posted on theobvious parts of the vehicles.

Spray rack cleaning widthm2.5~3.5Spout Shrinks
Tank volumeLeft Right 30
Low pressure sprinklerkm/hGear7:ⅡGear14Up to 9.2
High pressure cleaningkm/h3~15Deputy speed 1700r/min
High pressure
cleaning capacity
Maximum washing water pressureMPa10
Cleaning water flowL/min134
Spray water flowL/min134
Low pressure sprinkler flowL/min600~800
Low pressure flush widthm≥24
Sprinkler widthm≥16
Water gun rangem38