asphalt reclaimer CLYB-CYB1000 for asphalt pavement roads repairment

asphalt reclaimer CLYB-CYB1000 for asphalt pavement roads repairment

Energy saving and environmental protection, low costof use:

Adopt advanced hot air circulation heating technology,asphalt heating uniform, not coking, no smoke, no dust; Imported brand burneris adopted, stable and reliable quality, high efficiency, low energyconsumption.With the function of old material regenerationheating, the road surface repair work of waste materials immediately recycledto the kettle for heating, basically all recycled, maximum saving of rawmaterials and costs, effective protection of the environment.Drum type 360-degree rotating uniform heating kettle,high thermal efficiency, with double layer insulation system, the first kettlematerial heating time is only 10-20 minutes, the second kettle material heatingtime 15 minutes, high efficiency, low cost.Single operation parameters: heating material 550KG;When the compaction thickness is 50mm, the average repair is 4 square meters,and the average emulsified asphalt is 0.65l per square meter. The generatorconsumes 6L of fuel per hour.

Convenient operation:

Centralized control,control system concise, clear operation, easy to operate.Vehicular simplestructure, the fuselage with rapid locking device, easy for security, quickinstallation, general engineering vehicles equipped with existing customer, anddo not need to buy special chassis, without additional cost, not constructioncar chassis can be used for other purposes, corresponding to the city's streetsand highways may mobile comes into play, fast repair, leave quickly.

Multiple functions,one-stop construction: 

 The 100L hot asphalt box is equipped with an effectivevolume. The heat conduction oil is used for heating and insulation, and theautomatic thermostatic control system is installed. The hot asphalt oil can beadded to the waste asphalt in time to enhance the repair effect of recycledmaterials.With its own emulsified asphalt spraying system, thecapacity is 20L, which is convenient for groove priming oil and repairing thepost-fog sealing surface, and plays a waterproof effect on repairing surfaceand new and old joints.

Emulsified asphalt spraying: 

 It has the function of emulsifiedasphalt spraying, which can be used as the bonding layer between the old andnew surface layers and an effective method to prevent weak joints whenrepairing pits and grooves.