Roadbinder Hot Applied Pavement Pacthing Material

Roadbinder Hot Applied Pavement Pacthing Material

Roadbinder material are hot applied, pourable, self-adhesive for maintenance and repair of asphalt or concrete pavement. The material is composed of modified polymer asphalt binder and specially selected durable, light weight construction aggregate. The materials are specially formulated to repair distresses which are larger than those typically repaired by crack or joint sealing, but small than those requiring remove and replace patching procedures. After properly applied, with its good flowability and gravity, no need to compact, the pothole or large crack can be properly patched, and the material are both flexible and resistant to traffic loadings. Besides, we provide melter with functions of heating, mixing and thermal insulation of the material.

Applicable Distresses

Roadbinder hot applied pavement patching materials are specifically designed for cracks too large for crack sealing and distressed surfaces that are too small for repaving. It is a versatile hot-applied, pourable, self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt binder containing selected aggregate to ensure good load bearing and skid resistant characteristics. It can be used both in asphalt and concrete pavement for patching the distresses such as pothole, large crack, manhole surround broken, bridge joint broken and pipeline excavation works.

Large cracks             Reflection cracks        Small area fatigue damage, pothole repair

Material Features 

▷ 1. Forming strength with its self flowability and gravity, no need to compact. 

▷ 2. Elastic seal, absorb the stress from the movement of concrete base, effectively prevent the formation of reflection cracks. 

▷ 3. Flexible and resistant to traffic loadings, good rut-resistance property. 

▷ 4. Premixed and pre-measured polymer modified binder and aggregate, packaged in carton for convenient construction.

Process comparisonRoadbinder’s technologyTraditional technology
Material preparationPackaged in carton for easy transportation and construction.Difficult to get hot asphalt mixture if no mixing plant available.
Construction convenienceAvailable for single lane construction, no effect to the traffic.Traffic closing construction, resulting in serious traffic jam
Applicable cracksCan repair any irregular cracks.Suitable for longitudinal crack, transverse crack is hard to treat.
DurabilityNo reflection crack in 3~5 years.Reflection crack appears again in 1~2 years.

Construction Process For Reflection Crack Repairing

1. Pavement Cracks 

2. Break and mill 

3. Cut 

4. Clean and dry 

5. Fill and patch 

6. Repaired  (3 months later  & 6 months later)


Softening point≥80℃
Low temperature tensile-0℃ pass
Cone penetration at 25℃, 150g, 5s≤40 dmm
Flow value, 60℃, 5h≤3 mm
Resilience30~70 %
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