CLYB-5000 Asphalt Hotbox

CLYB-5000 Asphalt Hotbox


CLYB-5000 asphalt hotbox is a professional and comprehensive equipment for asphalt mixture heating and thermal insulation. It is mainly composed of chassis, hot box, heating and temperature controlling system, hydraulic system, emulsified asphalt tank and roller. It’s suitable for repairing a large damaged area of pavement.


▷ 1. Dongfeng chassis with 210HP power and maximum speed 90km/h. 

▷ 2. Integrated intelligent control. Control panel centralized control material temperature, with lights for fault diagnosis. 

▷ 3. LPG is used for hotbox thermal insulation, with high efficiency and low cost. It consumes only 4kg LPG per hour and can keep asphalt mixture at constructing temperature(140-170℃) for 15 hours. 

▷ 4. Hotbox with big room is good for heat transfer and exchange. Igniter with functions of automatic ignition and flameout protection, can intermittently heat by temperature controller adjustment to prevent coking materials.


Dimensions7960x2470x3320 mm
WeightGVW 16000 kg, Curb Weight 10270 kg
Hotbox5 m3
HeatLPG thermo insulation
Road rollerWacker RS600A 12KN
ControlAll electronic control
DischargeAuger discharge with adjustable speed, discharge 5 m3 hot asphalt mixture in 20 minutes maximum