CLYG-ZS350 Self-propelled crack sealing machine

CLYG-ZS350 Self-propelled crack sealing machine

CLYG-ZS350 self-propelledcrack sealing machine is oil jacketed, diesel fired and gasoline powered,designed for crack sealing and waterproofing. The heat transfer system consistsof a transfer oil interlayer and a combustion chamber. The heat transfer oil isheated through the combustion chamber, providing indirect heating to thematerial.


▷ 1. Oil-jacketed melters are with high heating efficiency and never coking sealant.

▷ 2. Beckett diesel burners are electronically controlled with Auto Shut Off, 45 degree downward combustion chamber.

▷ 3. Roper pump, external pump for convenient maintenance. 

▷ 4. 24V safe voltage all electric heated hose for applying the sealant at certain temperature ensure its performance.

▷ 5. Electric switch at the sealing wand for easy control of sealant flow.

 6. Integrated digital control center with protective cover, offers AC gauge to monitor the real and target temperature  of material, heat transfer oil and electric heated hose.

▷ 7. Electric motor for pump, stirring, self driven; Adjustable speed from 0 to 5 km/h. 

Working Process