ESUN asphalt crack sealer CLYG-ZS350

ESUN asphalt crack sealer CLYG-ZS350


 Thecracksealer model CLYG-ZS350 applies to seal the cracks occurred the pavementsurface in the highway, municipal road, country road and airport at the earlyage or after maintenance period. The purpose of cracksealing is for assuringthe whole performance of the road and prolongs their working life.

Product Features

1. Security and Humanity DesignWithleaf spring damping and gas spring shock absorb system, it has greatly improvedthe travel safety capacity. There are two access ports for placing sealing wandand the material pump switch setting on the operating handle of the sealingwand, convenient for construction.

2. High-performance generatorWith5.5 KW gasoline generator, easy to start, it provide the cracksealing withstable and high efficient power source, and fully ensure the daily maintenancein high efficiency, Stable, low noise and few pollution.

3. Centralized temperature controllerOmrondual digital LCD temperature controller: timely display and separately adjustthe temperature of heat transfer oil, sealant and electric heated hose,visualized and accurate, convenient for operation. Through the temperaturecontroller, customers can choose different types of sealant and set temperature,then can automatically monitor the temperature and control the machine workingstatus, improve efficiency and save fuel. 

4. Sealing wandUniquedesigned electronic control switch set up on the operating handle of thesealing wand, it can make the remote control of the material pump and reduce thewaste of sealant. 

5. Heat transfer oil systemIndirectheating oil jacketed kettle and automatic constant temperature system, the temperaturecan be set as required, will never burn the sealant. Less heat transfer oil volumein design than similar products, improve the heating rate and lower the replacementcosts. 

6. Special geometry combustion chamberFlameblown in oblique downward angle of 45 degrees to the combustion chamber wall, nevercontact with the melting tank directly, heat the air, combustion sufficient andimprove the thermal efficiency.

7. Electric heated hoseSixmeters length electric heated hose, no material leaking caused by hose andsealing wand connection. Can be 270 degree free rotated, high resistance tobend, fully satisfy the transverse and longitudinal crack sealing constructionneed, and ensure the maximum construction area.

8. The lowest loading heightCompactand reasonable structure, low loading height, with a splash proof plate toimprove the operation safety of material loading, with thermal insulationmaterial in the material tank and electric heated hose, avoid scalding theoperator. convenient, save manpower, security of the material loading.

9. Electric agitatorImportedvariable speed agitator motor, simple structure, easy to operate and convenientfor maintenance.

Dimension3100x1640x1960 L x W x H
Net weight1300KG
Melting tank volume350L
Material melting time45 minutes
Electric generatorHonda gasoline generators
Starting modeElectronic or manpower
Engine speed3000r/min
Exhaust volume389cm3
Rated power5.5KW
Fuel97# gasoline
Fuel Capacity24L
Engine oil volume1.1L
AdvantageHonda brand, stable, low noise and low pollution
Rear axle assy.Adopt the truck rear axle
Buffer assemblySteel Spring Plate, shock mount
Variable speed motors (material pump) 0.4 KW