CLYG-ZS500 Self-propelled crack sealing machine

CLYG-ZS500 Self-propelled crack sealing machine

Crack sealing machine is a pavement sealing equipment by heating the rubberised bitumen sealant and pressure sealing the pavement crack for waterproofing purpose. It is mainly composed by melter kettle, burner, material pump, electric heated hose, agitator, power system, electric control system and walking system. In terms of traveling mode, our crack sealing machine includes hand-push, self-propelled, trailer and truck mounted type.


The crack sealing machine model CLYG-ZS500 applies to seal the cracks occurred on the pavement surface in the highway,municipal road, country road and airport at the early age or after maintenance period. The purpose of crack sealing is for assuring the whole performance of the road and prolongs their working life.


▷ 1. Oil-jacketed melters are with high heating efficiency and never coking sealant.

▷ 2. Beckett diesel burners are electronically controlled with Auto Shut Off, 45 degree downward combustion chamber. 

▷ 3. Roper pump, external pump for convenient maintenance. 

▷ 4. 24V safe voltage all electric heated hose for applying the sealant at certain temperature ensure its performance.

▷ 5. Electric switch at the sealing wand for easy control of sealant flow.

▷ 6. Integrated digital control center with protective cover, offers AC gauge to monitor the real and target temperature  of material, heat transfer oil and electric heated hose.

▷ 7. Hydraulic motor for pump, stirring, self-walking and steering. 

▷ 8. Electric block and space for place crack router.  

Working Process


Dimensions4750*2150*2100 mm
Weight2650 kg
Melter capacity500 L
Engine generatorYanmar Diesel SKNSA 20.7 KW
Hose24V, 6.5m
AgitatorHydraulic motor Eton JS370
Fuel tank90 L
Hydraulic oil90 L
Heat transfer oil90 L
Loading height1340 mm