All In One Pothole Patcher Spewing Truck

All In One Pothole Patcher Spewing Truck

Jet patching is new road repairing solution. It uses the high pressure air to push the emulsion and aggregate out through pipes and mix together evenly and patch the pothole. This procedure is simple, quick and free of asphalt mixture. It can repair pothole, alligator crack, track and road shoulder damage etc. It is of low cost, high efficient, durable and environment friendly.


▷ 1. Wide applicability range

 Patching damages include pothole, alligator crack, rutting, shoulder etc. 

▷ 2. Fast repair

 Material discharging speed of 57 kg/minute, patch a pothole of 1 square meter only need 5 minutes, fast repair over 200 pothole of different size in a continuous working day.

▷ 3. Good repair result

It has been proven that 97% of the patched potholes served over 5 years.

▷ 4. Maintenance friendly

No more than 5 minutes’ maintenance time each working day, 1 liter cleaning fluid to clean the emulsion hose, automatically cleaned spray nozzle.

▷ 5. Easy operation

centralized control handle with adjustable boom, spray radius scope of 5.5 meters, greatly reduce the operator labor intensity.

▷ 6. The most cost efficient repair

The cost of purchasing can be recovered within 1 year.

Working Process


Overall Dimensions8430x2450x2950 mm
Gross weight15800 kg
Aggregate hopper4 m³
Emulsion asphalt tank800 L
EngineCummins 4BT3.9-C80, 80 HP
BlowerPEDRO GIL 7.80~40.29 m³/min
Air compressorCummins 0.183 m³/min
Flushing tankLeft pressure chamber 15L, Right pressure chamber 45L
Control handleControl emulsion asphalt switch, aggregate delivery switch, engine RPM, vibrator