ESUN Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Established in 1999, our company is a leading manufacturer specialized in design and production ofroad maintenance machine, road maintenance material and road sweeper. Over 18years of hard working, ESUN has developed an extensive and complete line ofcrack sealing machine, infrared asphalt heater, asphalt hot box, asphalt recycler, pothole patcher, asphalt distributor, bitumen sprayer, synchronous chip sealer, mobile asphalt mixer, variable message signs, rubberized asphalt crack sealant, crack sealing tape, cold asphalt mix, bridge expansion joint, coloredanti-skid pavement and vacuum street sweeper.


ESUN Vacuum Street Sweeper Sold to BECS Yunnan Project

Sep. 2017 - ESUN, a road maintenance and clean specialist, first sent it's latest vacuum sweeping truck to Yunnan for BECS, the biggest city cleaning service contractor in China.

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ESUN Pothole Patcher Served in Saudi Arabia

July 2016, ESUN CPB-4000 spray injection pothole patching machine served in Riyadh, KSA. The jet patcher features cost-effective and efficient patching, the patch can last 5 years average. 

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ESUN Team, A Joyful Journey to Hailing Island Yangjiang

June 2014 - All ESUN staff enjoyed a joyful journey at the Hailing island beach, ESUN, not only company sale road maintenance machine, but also a family for 200 ESUN staff...

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ESUN - Helped People Suffering from Yushu Earthquake

April 2010 - ESUN helped people suffering from Yushu earthquake by donating RMB 270,000. We ESUN have been dedicated to building an innovative,competitive and socially responsible company.

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